Non-pesticide ginger made in Kyoto Japan

KOTO farm in Fukuchiyama Kyoto

KOTO farm is making ginger without useing pesticides, herbisides, and animal fertilizers.

We are one of the few farms harvesting ginger without using any pesticides, herbisides, and even animal dropping fertillizers in Japan.
We are making soil with the power of microorganisms, fermented by only botanical ingredients such as rice brans, rice husks etc.

Since the microorganisms will be more active when the soil includes more oxygen,
We’ll not use black mulch seets.
It’s really close to the real natural environment.

Ginger hoji Japanese tea

Ginger Hoji Japanese tea is produced by professional tea master in Japan.
The tase is not too strong, but its fragrance is pleasant like “tea aroma”.
We chose organic hoji tea to mix with our non-pesticide dried ginger tips.

Ingredients; organic hoji Japanese tea, non-pesticide ginger
Produced by: LCC.KOTO 37 Kinugasa Nishigoshonouchi-cho Kita-ku Kyoto
Factory: SP2
20 tea bags per package.

Package size; 31.4cm×22.1cm×14.1cm
3g per 1 tea bag.
Add boiling wate 300-500cc and steep 5min.

Ginger and hoji Japanese tea are very nice combinations!
It’s suitable with both Japanese traditional sweets and western cakes.

Please downlode the leaflet from here.

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